The gift of organ transplant can open a whole new world of opportunities to recipients. Please join us in celebrating all the members of Boston Children’s transplant community — including three who are enjoying successes made possible #becauseofadonor.

Mae, 2-year-old double lung recipient

From the very moment Mae was born, up until she was 20 months old, she lived within the four walls of a hospital room. Diagnosed with a rare genetic form of childhood interstitial lung disease called ABCA3, Mae needed oxygen and pressure support to keep her alive. Thirty days after Mae was listed for transplant, she received her new lungs. #becauseofadonor, Mae is living at home for the first time, breathing on her own and celebrating her second birthday.

Bri, 18-year-old heart recipient

Bri seemed like a completely healthy teenage girl — until she was suddenly diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy, underwent lifesaving open-heart surgery and was listed for a heart transplant. Now on the other side of transplant, she wants to help kids like her. #becauseofadonor, Bri is able to study to become a nurse.

Sophia, 5-year-old kidney recipient

Sophia was born at 34 weeks and spent the first four years of her life under constant care. Her journey brought her from California to Boston, where she ultimately received a healthy kidney from her living donor dad, Marcos. #becauseofadonor, Sophia is finally able to be a kid.

Join us in celebrating milestones made possible #becauseofadonor.