Be prepared

Planning ahead can go a long way to ensuring an enjoyable trip

The holiday season provides many opportunities for friends and families to enjoy time together. For many people, this requires long-distance travel. While preparing for a travel can be a chore, transplant patients have additional needs to consider. What do you need to know before you hop on that plane, train, or automobile?  Below are a few tips to help keep your trip worry-free:

  • If you are on the transplant waitlist, be sure to notify your coordinator so that they will know how to reach you.
  • Make sure you have the phone numbers for your transplant team.
  • Always wear your Emergency Medical Identification tag.
  • Be sure you are up to date with all immunizations, including your annual flu shot.  If you are traveling internationally, speak with your transplant team to determine if additional vaccinations are needed or if there are health concerns regarding your destination.
  • Be careful to avoid infection when traveling – wash your hands frequently.
  • Always take all of your medications with you, and make sure you have enough to last throughout your trip.
  • If you are traveling by plane, carry your medications on the plane. Never check them with your luggage. You might need a letter from your coordinator that verifies all of your medications – especially if you are traveling internationally.
  • Select food with care to avoid illness.  Pack some healthy snacks and safe food and drinks.  In areas where the water might be unsafe, drink bottled water or other beverages and be sure to order beverages without ice.